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Investing in the Uckermark

We will put you straight on the route to success

The ICU Investor Center Uckermark GmbH is the Department for Business Development for the Uckermark district and is happy to assist you in finding the right location and the right partners for your investment in our region.

The Uckermark is a district in the north east of the State of Brandenburg. It is on the border with Poland between Germany’s capital city Berlin and the port city of Stettin (Szczecin) in Poland. Alongside industry, manual trades, agriculture and tourism you will also find a multitude of service providers such as engineering offices, maintenance and construction companies for all the requirements of your planned investment, as well as business contacts you may require later.
We would like to help pave the way to your success and will give you contacts in industrial and trading estates, in the authorities and in other decision-making bodies. An extensive network of helpers will be by your side if you establish your business concept here or if you wish to start a new company. Using the specially designed regional branding of UCKERMARK, we carry out effective business location marketing and also promote regional identity.
On the following pages, you will find further offers and important additional information on the aforementioned industrial and commercial estates.

If you have come to a decision or wish us to advise you further then please do not hesitate to contact us.

0049 3332 – 53 89 0

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