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UCKERMARK - one region, one brand

The regional brand name of UCKERMARK brings together service providers from six different sectors (business, agriculture, tourism, local authorities, culture/leisure/sport and nature/countryside.)

This variety also pervades the regional brand of UCKERMARK. By creating a cluster, for the first time an overall management team responsible for all the sectors has been created, which will lead to an increase in efficiency and better information sharing. In addition, the market presence is being reinforced, meaning that the awareness of the Uckermark within the market is increasing.

The brand stands for:

  • Positioning of the Uckermark region as a great place to live, do business and enjoy culture and nature
  • Competitive businesses and enduring partnerships with agriculture, industry, skilled crafts, tourism and nature conservation
  • The preservation and further development of the Uckermark’s cultural landscape, leisure activities and sport
  • an urban-rural partnership
  • a strong regional identity
  • a sustainable region

The Uckermark is being regarded as a product. The strengths from all the sectors are being utilised and clearly positioned in line with the market.

In this way, we are increasingly creating added value.

Only the Uckermark as a whole has such an impressive range of sectors, which gives it the economic clout that is needed. For this reason, the region has made the decision to use the regional brand of UCKERMARK, which quite clearly puts the region of origin in centre stage, to communicate and present to the market all the capabilities of the region available "under one roof".


Each of the operators in this region will benefit from the strong regional brand of UCKERMARK.

Increase awareness

By using a consistent brand, market awareness will grow. The region has the capacity to distinguish itself as relevant as an area for investment, a tourist destination and a place to live.

Tourist numbers, investor numbers and the population are all growing

A consistent approach across all sectors will increase market awareness and will create a higher expectation of quality for tourists, investors and potential inhabitants.

Using cross selling

The unified market presence allows for cross-referencing and sharing of information about the region’s mix of products and services. This leads to an increased awareness in the market, which in turn results in an increase in sales.

Retain customers

Happy customers and investors talk about their positive experiences. Therefore, a unified brand strategy will particularly help maintain customer satisfaction with the products and services we are offering and perhaps even improve them. It also makes sense to try to have very frequent contact with the customer to try to gain feedback continuously, which will also play a particular role in complaint management.

What will be the benefit to you?

Every market player who decides to use the regional brand of UCKERMARK is contributing to strengthening the region of the Uckermark and acting as a figurehead for the brand. This will permit us to present our region in a better way and to demonstrate why the Uckermark is a place to love and a place to love life. It will also permit our products and services to achieve a greater level of recognition in the marketplace and to be associated with our region. The area’s sales will grow and this will mean greater economic strength for all. The combination of the six sectors will distinguish our offering from those of our competitor regions. No other region offers so many areas of competence and promotes these strengths so effectively in marketing.

  • By using targeted marketing tools, the degree of the Uckermark’s brand awareness will be enhanced and an image will be created or improved as appropriate, and this will be of benefit to the region.
  • A consistent approach to marketing means lower marketing costs.
  • By using a common Uckermark Corporate Design, all the partners will be marketing the region and by this token, everybody’s advertising is reciprocal.
  • This can help to lower costs, e.g. design and printing costs.
  • Further added value is created for you with the increased awareness of the Uckermark and its products.
  • Regional resources are being pooled and made ready for the market.
  • By using the internet platform www.uckermark.de, a well-known profile has already been created and is at the disposal of the brand users.

Point of contact


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Anet Hoppe

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Regional Brand Management, Print Media and Social Media

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