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10 benefits at a glance

The benefits of the Uckermark as a location at a glance:

  1. Excellent motorway links: A11 (Berlin – Stettin) and A 20 (Baltic Sea Motorway)
  2. Hourly train connections to and from Berlin (InterCity, Regional-Express)
  3. Border with Poland (four border crossing points), very good connections to the metropolis of Stettin (50km)
  4. An industrial location of international significance (petrochemical and paper industries)
  5. Inland ports in Schwedt/Oder with attractive logistics and efficient waterways (Hohensaaten-Friedrichstal waterway), Oder-Havel Canal Berlin-Schwedt-Stettin)
  6. 32 industrial and trading estates: around 400 hectares of accessible available land at cost-effective prices
  7. The highest investment subsidies in Germany
  8. A qualified and highly motivated workforce
  9. A dynamic tourist industry with areas of outstanding natural interest (Lower Oder National Park, Uckermark Lakes Nature Park, Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve)
  10. Modern agriculture with high-yield soil and ecological cultivation areas

Your decision to choose the Uckermark as a location is backed up by investment considerations such as its transport infrastructure, affordable industrial and commercial space, beneficial financial and subsidy programmes, the Uckermark’s location on the border with Poland, but also by the leisure facilities and its benefits as a place to live.
People from the Uckermark are well-disposed to industry, well-qualified and flexible.
Due to the good connections and favourable links to the capital area of Berlin-Brandenburg, it is not difficult to recruit and retain a skilled workforce.