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Business start-ups and company succession

Whether you are starting your first company or looking at the succession plans for established businesses, we will be happy to advise you and support you along the way and answer any questions you may have. The selection of the right location, and having the right contacts both regionally and nationally are important building blocks for starting a business. Other particularly important building blocks throughout the process of establishing a new business are access to a suitable skilled workforce and stable financing.

We are members of the Network for start-up businesses Barnim-Uckermark and together with our partners, we wish to motivate interested individuals to take the step of starting their own business, support them in preparing and implementing the set-up, and also provide a contribution to help ensure the sustainability of start-up businesses.

Specifically, the network sets itself the following tasks:

  1. Comprehensive support for new start-up businesses and young businesspeople
  2. Knowledgeable advice and uncomplicated mediation with the partner in the network who can offer the highest level of competence relating to the tasks facing that particular start-up business founder
  3. Public relations work and coordinating initiatives, organising competitions, writing publications relating to experiences of starting businesses
  4. Targeted support of initiatives and competitions in schools and educational establishments
It is also our objective to bring together businesspeople interested in succession planning and founders of new business-start ups in order to promote entrepreneurial independence. You are welcome to contact us if you are an established businessperson looking for successors or if you are the founder of a new business in order to obtain contacts and have a consultation. Naturally, all matters will be dealt with in absolute confidence.